How to Conduct Student/Certified Leader Dual Assessment

If you are both a Student and your own Certified Leader, you can conduct dual assessments to satisfy your Student Self-Assessment and Certified Leader Initial Review simultaneously.

  1. Log in to your BILD Cloud account.
  2. Click on "Programs" in the left-hand navigation column, then click on your degree program (i.e. Master of Ministry).
  3. Scroll down to the appropriate competency you want to assess. To assess a competency, your evidence must be attached; indicated by a red document icon.
  4. Click the green button "Submit for Review." This will lead you to the rubric screen.
  5. By default, the assessment mode is set to assess as a Student. Click on the drop-down next to "Assessment Mode" in the top-right corner of the rubric and select "Student/Certified Leader."
  6. Select the appropriate criteria under "Required Assessment Criteria" and "Additional Assessment Criteria." The rubric cells will fill with a colored box labeled "Student/Certified Leader."
  7. Click on "Submit Assessment" when you are done conducting your assessment as a Student/Certified Leader.

After completing your assessment, your transcript view will show that the assessment you conducted satisfies both the Student Self-Assessment and Certified Leader Initial Review.

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