How to Submit Your Application Online

Follow the steps below to submit your application to the Antioch School:

Create an account

  • Access the online admissions site from the homepage of our website:
  • Enter your email address. Click "Next."
  • Enter your name and select your country of residence. Click "Next."
  • Enter a password of your choice, then confirm your password below. Click "Create Account." You will then receive a confirmation email.
  • Open the email you received from the Antioch School asking you to confirm your account.
  • Click "Activate My Account."

Complete your online application. 

Once your is account activated, the system will prompt you to start an application.

  • Click "Start a New Application."
  • Complete the all six sections of the online application site.
      • Personal information
      • Degree program
      • Background
      • Academic Proof
      • Identity
      • Final Steps
  • Once all sections have been completed, click "Submit Application" in the "Final Steps" section. The system will generate an application form for you to sign with DocuSign.
  • Check the box "I agree to use electronic records and signatures."
  • Select or create a signature, then click "Adopt and Sign." 
  • Click "Finish" to submit your application. You will be redirected to your account where you can download a copy of your application. To do so, click "Download Form."

The admissions team will conduct an initial review of your application and follow up on any missing items. Complete applications will be reviewed for admission into the selected program.

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