How to Commend New Students in BILD Cloud

If you are a partner leader, you may have a feature in your BILD Cloud account allowing you to commend new students to the Antioch School.

  • Log into your BILD Cloud account.
  • Click on "Admissions" under "Partner Leaders" in the left-hand navigation menu.
  • Click on your partner name. The system will lead you to the admissions page for your partner program.


Commending a New Student

  • Enter the name and email of the student you are commending in the corresponding fields.
  • Select the appropriate degree or certificate program.
  • Click the button "Add User." A message will appear confirming you successfully added a student.


The system will send an email to the applicant confirming their commendation has been received along with an invitation to complete an application. The "Status" column allows you to track where students are at in the admissions process. 


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