How to Transfer Credit in BILD Cloud

Transfer credit may be used to fulfill the General Education and Free Elective requirements of Bachelor level programs. 

To transfer credit to your Antioch School program, you will need to submit an official transcript to the Antioch School and post the evidence to your Antioch School portfolio in BILD Cloud.

Sending an Official Transcript to the Antioch School

Have your school send us an official transcript, if you haven’t already done so.

  • Official e-transcripts should be sent directly to
  • Official transcripts (hard copy) should be mailed to our address:

Antioch School
2400 Oakwood Road
Ames, IA 50014

Submitting Request of Transfer Credit in BILD Cloud

  • Log into your BILD Cloud account.
  • Upload a copy of your transcript for reference to your “My Work” section.
  • Navigate to the appropriate section of your Antioch School transcript to attach the file to the course you are submitting your request for transfer of credit to. 
  • Click “Submit for Review.” This will take you to the rubrics screen.
  • Select the appropriate criterion for transfer credit and include a comment in the comment field indicating which course from your transcript corresponds to the Antioch School course you are requesting transfer of credit to.
  • Click “Submit Assessment.” 


A message will display to confirm your assessment has been received and your Certified Leader has been notified that it is ready for review. Once your Certified Leader has conducted their initial review, your Associate Faculty will be notified to conduct their validation review.

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