Mentoring FAQ's

What role does a mentor have for students in Antioch School programs?

Mentors are leaders in local churches and ministry organizations who God has already put in place to support the life and ministry development of others. These can be pastors, church staff, elders, deacons, or others within a church network or ministry organization.

Mentors focus on helping students work on the Life and Ministry Development parts of their Antioch School program. They also help students reflect on what is being learning through Leadership Series courses. And they help shape, supervise, and evaluate learning through Practicum experiences. Perhaps most important, mentors help keep focused on you as a whole person. They help to make the connections between the parts of your academic program, as well as other opportunities for growth and development.

Does the Antioch School provide mentors?

The Antioch School does not provide mentors. We provide tools and support for mentors that God has already provided. A core distinctive of the Antioch School is church-based theological education. One of the most important dimensions of church-based theological education is equipping mentors who are already in place for the task of mentoring.

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