Pauline Competency 4: Tips

How do I demonstrate Competency 4. “Bring all of this biblical understanding together into a contemporary model for establishing local churches in the twenty-first century, including general procedures consistent with Paul’s establishing model and normative “house order” instructions.”

  • The first project for Unit 4, Issue 1 (“Write an annotated summary of the core normative household guidelines and implications for the church of the twenty-first century. Include principles and accompanying implications for the church of the twenty-first century for each of the categories listed in the “Biblical Passages” section of this unit.”) helps a student move beyond a biblical understanding to a contemporary application that is aligned with that biblical understanding.
  • The second project for Unit 4, Issue 2 (“Evaluate your church’s policy manual or constitution in light of your annotated summary of core guidelines from the above project. List any church policies or practices that are not in line with the household guidelines listed above, and continue to build upon your renewal strategy that you began in the last unit.”) and the projects for Unit 5 will help you meet the criteria of implementation and critical (as you compare your actual ministry experience and context to the biblical teaching).  
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