Acts Competency 2: Tips

How do I demonstrate Competency 2? “Design a model to use as a guide in planting and establishing churches today from the core elements of Paul's strategy used on his missionary journeys.”

  • Most students draw heavily on their work on Unit 3 projects to demonstrate this competency. However, note that while all of the projects in this unit may help you “design a model,” none of them explicitly ask you to do so. Thus, in order to demonstrate the competency, you need to make sure that you use your summary and arguments to design a model.
  • Note that by “model,” we mean something that takes an entire set of ideas and presents them in a simple manner that provides context and connection for all of the subsidiary and supporting ideas. For instance, Jeff Reed’s “Pauline Cycle” chart (Evangelize Strategic Cities, Establish Churches, and Entrust Leaders) is a model for the entire teaching of Paul’s missionary strategy based on Luke’s teaching in Acts.
  • Also, note that he met the creative criteria because he did more than just provide the content, he also used alliteration to make it memorable.
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