Pauline Competency 1: Tips

How do I demonstrate Competency 1? “Develop a biblical understanding of Paul’s concept of establishing local churches, while discerning the difference between what Paul understood to be normative for all churches in every culture and generation and what he intended to be merely cultural for his time and situation.”

  • You can post anything that you think demonstrates each competency, but here are some of the more common ways that Antioch School students do so.
  • The projects for Unit 1 all contribute to your development of this competency of established (or strengthening) churches. Issue 1 helps you deal with the concept, Issue 2 helps you dig deep into the biblical data, and Issue 3 helps you begin thinking about ministry strategy that is properly aligned with the biblical teaching. However, recognize that this is only the first unit. The competencies of most students develop much farther during the course. For instance, the project for Unit 2 Issue 1 (“Write a one-page annotated description of a New Testament local church. Begin with the phrase “A New Testament Local Church Is . . .. The norms that you write should be written from the perspective that they would be true for all churches, at any time, in any culture.”) is all about how to think through the issues of what is normative and what is cultural. So, don’t merely complete these projects in an initial provisional manner in Unit 1 and expect them to demonstrate your best competency.
  • Most students will revise (and/or replace) these projects as they proceed through the course in order to be able to demonstrate their best competency at the end.
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