Interpreting I Competency 1: Tips

Competency 1. “Develop a basic conviction on the importance of handling the Word accurately, paying careful attention to the author's intended meaning as expressed in the text as the determinant of meaning rather than one’s own preconceptions.”

  • You may use any evidence you have to demonstrate competency.
  • Most students use something associated with their work on Project 1 for Unit 1/Issue 1, namely the short motivational paper on the importance of proper handling of God’s Word. However, this project is usually just the beginning. The basic convictions of most students is deepened and enhanced throughout the course, but particularly in the rest of Unit 1, such as the role of the author’s intended meaning (Unit 1/Issue 2) and the dangers of not using proper interpretative principles (Unit 1/Issue 3). An exemplary demonstration of competence will usually revise Project 1 of Unit 1/Issue 1 appropriately.
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