Essentials Competency 1: Tips

How do I demonstrate Competency 1? “Gain an understanding of the preaching (kerygma) and the teaching (didache) of the apostles – the core doctrines – and their importance to the churches of every generation, summarizing the doctrines in statement form, which will be used as a foundation for all contemporary theological formulations.”

  • You may use any evidence you have to demonstrate this or any competency.
  • Most students will use something associated with their work on Unit 1, Issue 2, Project 1 (“Do a mini-theology of Paul’s concept of establishing the churches and believers in sound doctrine) as well as Unit 1, Issue 3, Project 1 (“Attempt to write a one-page summary of the kerygma and the didache”). Ideally, these two projects become integrated into a single work similar to the project example entitled Tradition, Patterns, and Sound Doctrine in the Early Church found in the Project Guides and Models section of the course. The project example entitled Establishing the Thessalonian Community is also relevant. In addressing this competency it is important to remember that you are not only looking back to the early church but are also articulating why a sound understanding of the kerygma and didache is critical to the establishing of churches in every generation.
  • Most students will revise (and/or replace) these projects as they proceed through the course in order to be able to demonstrate their best competency at the end.
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