Shepherding Competency 4: Tips

How do I demonstrate Competency 4? “Critiqued the contemporary emergence of a new Christian profession—Christian psychologists and psychiatrists—and the Church's reliance upon it for pastoral care, while examining its implications on biblical authority structures and responsibilities.”

  • Most learners draw heavily on their work on Unit 4 projects to demonstrate this competency. The first project in Unit 4 directly addresses this competency. However, the position paper alone might be written in a way that is narrower than the scope of the stated competency. So, if the learner plans to rely heavily on the position paper to demonstrate this competency, then care should be given to make sure that all three parts of the competency are fully addressed within it.
  • The second and third projects in Unit 4 can contribute to satisfying the implementation criteria if the research includes assessment of past or present ministry experience and practice.
  • Once again, the project example is very specific and counter-cultural. It is consistent with the paradigmatic perspective of the course as a whole. However, the learners are strongly encouraged to develop and express their own convictions and the rationale that supports them.
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