Interpreting II Competency 2: Tips

How do I demonstrate Competency 2? “Gain a basic understanding of both Hebrew and Greek linguistics (in essence identifying the unique characteristics of the Hebrew and Greek languages beyond those of any language), followed by an introduction to The Translator’s Handbooks—Old and New Testaments (55 volumes), created to guide an English translator in applying general language and Hebrew and Greek linguistic principles in accurately translating the Bible into another language.”

  • Most learners draw heavily on their work on Unit 2 projects to demonstrate this competency. The first, second, and fourth projects in Unit 2 correlate respectively to the three parts of the competency. The third project in Unit 2 can be used to help satisfy the “implemented” and “critical” criteria in the Student Competency Assessment Guide. The fifth project can be used to help satisfy the “substantive” criteria.
  • The project examples for the Hebrew and Greek Linguistic Distinctives are notably blank in the current edition of this course. This frustrates some learners. But, it also encourages learners to think deeply and creatively about how to structure and inform their own articulation of the ideas. Learners should carefully review the Theological Readings that are included in the course to gather relevant ideas for these projects. Learners should also find and use the readings that are not included in the Theological Reader but are referenced in Unit 2 (Issues 1 and 2) to gather relevant ideas for these particular projects.
  • The project example for the Old and New Testament Translator’s Handbooks is simply a list of the books in the series. Demonstration of this competency requires more than the citation of a list of books. Learners should drill down deeper into the series by reviewing one or more specimens, providing a summary, and/or a qualitative assessment of some specific examples in the series to show that the learner is sufficiently “introduced” to it.
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