Interpreting II Competency 5: Tips

How do I demonstrate Competency 5? “Integrate the skills of this course back into the work of Interpreting the Word I: Principles and Procedures and Preaching, Teaching, and Worship in the Early Church, in a way that brings a mastery to the whole process of developing a hermeneutically trained judgment and to the process of study and preaching and teaching.”

  • Most learners draw heavily on their work on Unit 5 projects to demonstrate this competency. Specifically, the first three projects in Unit 5 can be used to demonstrate the three parts of this competency respectively. The fourth project in Unit 5 can be used to demonstrate the “implemented” criteria in the Student Competency Assessment Guide
  • The second and fourth projects are well illustrated in the project examples. But, the first and third projects will need to be created by the learners from projects that they have already created elsewhere. The first project will need to be built on previous work in the Interpreting I or Preaching courses. The third project can be constructed from the exegetical and passage guides that were created in Unit 3 of this Interpreting II course. This illustrates the integrated nature of the BILD Leadership Series courses at the macro and micro levels.
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