Habits Competency 1: Tips

How do I demonstrate Competency 1? “Discover the root causes and effects of the present-day separation and fragmentation that has taken place within and between the ‘devotional life’ and serious ‘theological studies’. “

  • You may use any evidence you have to demonstrate this or any competency. 
  • Most students will use material from Unit 1, Issue 1, Project 1 and Unit 1, Issue 2, Project 1 to address this competency. Farley’s writings will help students trace the history of the separation between theological studies and the life of the churches. All the readings from Unit 1 contribute to an understanding of the impact this separation has had on churches and church leaders. Additionally, pay attention to the discussion that is surfaced by Unit 5, Issue 2. The project guide entitled “The Separation of Theology (Doctrine) From the Life and Ministry of the Churches” is a good example to build on.

NOTE: This competency may not be required according to some portfolio transcripts, but it is good to pay attention to it anyway as it is foundational to other competencies.”

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