Habits Competency 2: Tips

How do I demonstrate Competency 2? “Examine the life of the early church, identifying the habits and personal disciplines necessary for increasing soundly in faith as individuals and as churches, being protected from the constant infiltration of unsound doctrine.”

  • You may use any evidence you have to demonstrate this or any competency.
  • Most students will use material from Unit 2 Projects to address the competency. The Unit 2, Issue 1, Project 1 has the student reflect upon the critical concept of sound doctrine and how it differs from merely correct doctrine. Unit 2, Issue 2, Project 1 asks the student then to identify habits or disciplines that all believers must possess to progress soundly in the faith. Unit 2, Issue 3, Project 1 expands on this by asking the student to identify corporate, family, and individual disciplines that help an entire church to progress soundly. Note that the competency asks the student to identify habits needed to be sound as individuals AND as churches. Material on spiritual discipline today tends to be highly individualistic and reduced to a dozen or so standard categories. If these projects are done thoughtfully, the student should be able not only to identify habits that are carried out by individuals but also habits which are practiced by the church family as a whole.
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