Essentials Competency 2: Tips

How do I demonstrate Competency 2? “Write a modern kerygma/didache type doctrinal statement that can be used by churches a guide for establishing believers in their faith, for doing theology as a community of believers, and for aiding all believers in beginning their own practical theology for everyday life.”

  • You may use any evidence you have to demonstrate this or any competency.
  • For this competency it is best to actively revise (and/or replace) your preliminary work as you proceed through the course. Several projects guide you through this process. You create a first draft of a kerygma/didache statement in Unit 1, Issue 3, Project 1. You will refine your statement in Unit 2, Issue 4, Project 1. You will refine it further in Unit 3, Issue 4, Project 1 and a final time in Unit 5, Issue 1, Project 2. This is not meaningless redundancy. Rather, you keep refining your statement as you move across the history of the church, from the 1st century until now, examining the battlefronts which the church has faced through the centuries and the tools developed to fight those battles. Only after this full process will you be able to evaluate whether your statement addresses historically common distortions while also covering the breadth of the apostolic teaching and being framed in a way that makes it a useful tool for today.
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