Shepherding Competency 1: Tips

How do I demonstrate Competency 1? “Formulated a clear perspective of the gospel and the work of the Spirit in our lives (from an examination of the message of the gospel in Paul's early epistles), as a basis for addressing the foundational needs and life-controlling problems of new or unestablished believers.”

  • You may use any evidence that you have created in order to demonstrate this or any other competency.
  • Most learners draw heavily on their work on Unit 1 and Unit 2 projects to demonstrate this competency. The first project in Unit 1 fundamentally frames counseling as part of a church establishing process according to Paul’s early epistles. All three projects in Unit 2 expand on this foundational idea as applied to life-controlling problems.  
  • The project guides and models in this course in general and in Unit 1 and Unit 2 in particular are more fleshed out than some of the other projects in the BILD Leadership Series courses. This means that learners can benefit from the more fully developed ideas of another person but should also be careful to avoid plagiarism. The general rule is that if you use someone else’s ideas, then you should give credit to the author. Some productive ways to interact with more fully developed project examples are to excerpt valuable quotes, critique important ideas, expand on underdeveloped sections, illustrate or apply significant elements with real-life cases, etc.
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