Shepherding Competency 5: Tips

How do I demonstrate Competency 5? “Designed a contemporary and comprehensive pastoral care strategy, consistent with the biblical guidelines set forth in the Scripture for the life of the church and an individual's growth in the Spirit.”

  • Most learners draw heavily on their work on Unit 5 projects to demonstrate this competency. Each BILD Leadership Series course is designed to lead learners through the process of doing fresh biblical theology that results in practical strategy of ministry. The focus of Units 1-4 is doing fresh biblical theology. The focus of Unit 5 is developing a practical strategy of church ministry based on the work in Units 1-4. The first project in Unit 5 of this course is designed to integrate the course and satisfy this competency. It should substantively draw on all of the earlier projects in the course but also go beyond them by incorporating them into a practically oriented “comprehensive pastoral care strategy…”
  • The second project in Unit 5 should not be viewed as merely an extra credit assignment that’s not central to the competency. In fact, it’s a highly valuable learning opportunity that can be invaluable in aligning the comprehensive pastoral care strategy with cultural reality. It could also contribute greatly to satisfying the implementation criteria in the Student Competency Assessment Guide
  • The project example is a mature illustration of the practical ministry strategy genre in the BILD Leadership Series courses. It was hammered-out in the fire of real-life church conflict resolution by shepherds committed to the way of Christ and His Apostles. However, once again, the learner is not required to agree with its conclusions in order to receive credit in the Antioch School. Like all BILD Leadership Series course projects, this project is an example of the kind of document that learners could create to expresses their own understanding and convictions on an important subject. The project example is consistent with the paradigmatic perspective of the course as a whole. However, the learners are encouraged to fully express their own convictions and the rationale that supports them.
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