Preaching Competency 5: Tips

Preaching Competency 5: Tips

How do I demonstrate Competency 5? “Integrate culturally appropriate forms of both preaching/teaching and worship into a contemporary meeting of the churches in a culture, with a view to creative “civilization” expression of music, drama, and the arts.” 

  • Most learners draw heavily on their work on Unit 5 projects to demonstrate this competency. Specifically, the second, third, and fifth projects are essential to demonstrate this competency. Each BILD Leadership Series course is designed to lead learners through the process of doing fresh biblical theology that results in practical strategy of ministry. The focus in Units 1-4 is doing fresh biblical theology. The focus of Unit 5 is developing a practical strategy of church ministry based on the learner’s work in Units 1-4. The second, third, and fifth projects in Unit 5 of the Preaching course are designed to draw upon the learner’s conclusions regarding preaching and teaching (Units 1-2), music and the arts (Unit 3), and the Lord’s Supper (Unit 4) into an integrated church meeting strategy that is solidly based on the New Testament principles and is relevant for contemporary church establishment and expansion.
  • The remaining projects in Unit 5 (first, fourth, and sixth) relate to deconstructing Western forms of meeting, preaching, and worshipping respectively that may be blocking a return to the New Testament paradigm. These projects can be used to satisfy criteria such as “substantive,” “implemented,” and/or “critical” in the Student Competency Assessment Guide.
  • The project example has been intentionally left sparse so that the learners are encouraged to draw their own conclusions based on their own convictions that will impact their own ministry context and effectiveness. The included outline is intended to allow maximum flexibility in deconstructing contemporary message/meeting paradigms and reconstructing them based on the way of Christ and His apostles. Some learners may be frustrated by the brevity of the project example. But, the work that they have completed in the earlier sections of the Preaching course should be able to be easily brought forward to fill-in the outline.
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