Interpreting II Competency 3: Tips

How do I demonstrate Competency 3? “Introduce the student to the Logos 6 Library System, with an impressive array of Greek and Hebrew tools, and how to use the exegetical and passage guides to make full use of Hebrew and Greek in the interpretive process.”

  • Most learners draw heavily on their work on Unit 3 projects to demonstrate this competency. The first and third projects in Unit 3 correlate respectively to the two parts of the competency. The second project in Unit 3 can be used to help satisfy the “implemented” and “critical” criteria in the Student Competency Assessment Guide.
  • The project example is a more thoroughly developed illustration of the kind of document that learners could create to expresses their own understanding and expected use of the Logos 6 system. The example is very specific and directly related to the conclusions of its particular author. However, learners are welcome to excerpt valuable quotes, critique important ideas, expand on underdeveloped sections, illustrate or apply significant elements with real-life cases. But, the general rule against plagiarism is that if someone else’s ideas are used, then the original author must be given credit for his own ideas.
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