How to Remove Artifacts from Competencies

Follow these steps to remove artifacts that have been added to competencies:

  1. Log in to your BILD Cloud account.
  2. Click on “Programs” in the left-hand navigation column, then click on your degree program (i.e. Bachelor of Ministry).
  3. Scroll down to the appropriate course, then click on “Competencies.” The course module will unfold.
  4. The red document icon indicates an artifact is attached to the competency. To remove it, click on the green button “Submit for Review” to gain access to the rubric review screen.
  5. Click on the “X” next to the artifact you want to remove in the top-left hand corner.

Your artifact has now been removed from the selected competency. You are able to add and remove artifacts from competencies as long as you have not submitted the competency for review.

Note: If you wish to remove artifacts from a competency that is awaiting Initial Review by your Certified Leader, request that your Certified Leader assess your competency and give it a non-passing score. After this is completed, you will be able to remove artifacts and attach new ones.

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