Understand Your Dashboard

Understanding your dashboard will allow you to navigate BILD Cloud in an efficient and effective way. There are three main areas to your dashboard:

  1. Left Side : this is the main navigation of your BILD Cloud account which allows you to access any section of the cloud.
  2. Center : find shortcuts to activities regularly performed (i.e. uploading artifacts, adding evidence to your ePortfolio etc.)
  3. Right Side : this is where notifications are displayed with links to take you to the correct area the notification is tied to. There are two types of notifications:
  1. Notifications on competencies due on a schedule
  2. Notifications on ePortfolio activities

To close out a notification click on “x” in top right corner of your notification.

You can get back to your main dashboard at anytime by simply clicking on the logo in the top left-hand corner.

Note : As a Certified Leader, you will see an additional section titled “Certified Leaders” in your main navigation area on the left-hand side of your BILD Cloud account. This area allows you to access information pertaining to your role, such as initial reviews and reports.

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