Understand How Assessment Status Icons Work

Assessment Status icons in BILD Cloud are meant to help Students, Certified Leaders and Associate Faculty understand two things:

  1. The outcome of an assessment given by the Student, Certified Leader or Associate Faculty
  2. Which user needs to conduct the assessment next.

By understanding this you will not only keep track of progress in the degree program, but also identify potential roadblocks the assessment workflow.

Three different Assessment Status Icons are used to help you understand the outcome of an assessment and any appropriate action needed:

  • A green check mark : the competency was assessed by the user and given a passing score.
  • An orange “x”: the competency was assessed by the user and given a non-passing score.
  • A blue cycle: the competency is now awaiting re-assessment by the appropriate user.

The assessment given by a user will reflect the appropriate icon in their user column.

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