• How can I remove an artifact? I need to upload a revised and/or new document.

Review the article How to Remove Artifacts from Competencies. If you have already conducted self assessment on a competency, the artifact will lock. At this point, to remove an artifact and attach a new or revised one, your Certified Leader will need to assess the competency with a non-passing score. This will open up the competency again and allow you to make changes as needed.

This would not reflect negatively on your transcript or count against you. For peace of mind, you can ask your Certified Leader to include a comment when assessing your competency.

  • Why is there a “lock symbol” after uploading an artifact?

The red lock symbol indicates an artifact has been submitted for review, it prevents your work from being deleted accidentally. This is important from a crediting perspective to preserve academic integrity. If you are needing to remove an artifact pending review to attach a new or revised one, please see the question answered previously above.

  • My Certified Leader has completed the initial review for an assessment, why hasn’t the Associate Faculty reviewed it yet?

Your assigned Associate Faculty will be notified of competencies needing review once all competencies in a course have been completed and reviewed by your Certified Leader. To confirm which user will need to conduct the assessment next, review the article Understand How Assessment Status Icons Work.

  • Why is there nothing under the Library section?

The Library section won’t necessarily contain digital resources. If it is empty, there may not be any resources available to you online at the moment.

  • How do I reset my password?

Review the article on How to Update Your Contact Information and reference the Change Your Password section. If you forgot your password, go to the login page at and use the “Don’t know your password?” link. The system will generate an email to help you reset your password.

  • Can I upload Google Documents?

No, Google Docs are not a format that can be uploaded to your BILD Cloud account. We recommend downloading the file as a Word document or as a PDF first, then uploading it to your BILD Cloud account.

  • I exceeded my “user storage quota.”  What do I do?

If you ran out of data space and need your limit to be extended, please let us know by submitting a Support Request ticket. We will review your situation and increase your data limit as needed. You do not need to delete files on your BILD Cloud account.

  • I did not receive the “Request for Confirmation” email.

Check your spam folder and refresh your email account. If we have your correct email in system but you are still not able to view the email sent to you, check your email account settings to ensure “” is on you safe sender list. 

  • I am having issues loading artifacts to my account. 

Review our article on How to Upoad Artifacts to Your BILD Cloud AccountIf you the issues persist with uploading files or performing tasks, this could be a browser issue.

We recommend using Google Chrome for utilizing your BILD Cloud account.

  • I am a Certified Leader but can’t upload artifacts to a student’s portfolio.

Currently Certified Leaders are not able to upload artifacts to a student’s portfolio. Provide the documents to the student who can upload and attach them to the appropriate competency.

  • Where can I find manuals and guides?

You can access manuals and guides through the Antioch School website.

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