New Updates to BILD Cloud

We're excited to introduce you to the new look and features of BILD Cloud. 

These updates will provide:

  • Faster and more seamless performance for students and BILD Certified Leaders
  • More helpful rubrics to determine whether artifacts demonstrate competencies
  • Greater understanding of program and course progress

Highlights of enhancements students will experience include:

New Dashboard

  • Program progress view at a glance
  • Quick access to any course in their program
  • Clear display of what requirements are left to complete their program

Updated Program Display

  • Quick and easily navigation with a modular view of courses
  • Progress indicators to see where they're at in each course

Updated Course and Competency Displays

  • Improved experience of attaching artifacts to competencies (attach multiple artifacts at once)
  • Faster and more seamless performance when they attach artifacts and assess competencies

More Helpful Rubrics

  • Rubrics can be viewed prior to submitting evidence of competency
  • Easy access to criteria descriptions when working with rubrics

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